How it all started.

So I’m kind of scared but very excited to write this! I’m very bad at thinking about stuff and writing so I just write and read it through later so that’s what I’m going to do with this! I ramble so … sorry about that, I may just leave it in though, you never know.

So I have always wanted to write a blog or start a YouTube channel but never knew where to start so hopefully this will help me out xD. I’ve been excited about doing my FNP for a long time, nearly a year now, ever since I heard second years last year going on about it and them telling us you can basically do what you want. I knew straight away what I wanted to do. It has adapted since then but I knew I wanted to do armour. I thought at first about doing soldiers to the Queen or King, but like Roman Soldiers. But then I thought no because they would all be the same the only thing I would do different was the Queen/King’s outfit. I thought for a while and thought about doing different ranks of soldiers because they would be in different uniforms, I also thought about doing a Game of Thrones styled outfits but because they are already done and on screen I didn’t want to.

I have thought about ideas and I have a Pinterest board with loads of different things on, so I have ideas for helmets and body armour and leather crafting/stamping etc. One other thing I thought about was when a University came to talk to us about different courses they do, this one was an Accessories course, they talked about their first project which was making a bag from wood, and I had this thought pop into my head “what about a wooden corset?” I would make it out of bendable, mouldable wood that I would laser cut patterns out of, layer them up and hinge them together to make the corset! I would still love to do this idea but we will see how this all pans out.

So my final idea and the one I’m going to do is Gladiator Armour, because this armour is all different, they all wore different things. They wore a lot of leather so I’m hoping to be able to work with that and I would still love to make a helmet, I have a specific one in mind but I’ll write about that in a different post.


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