10th March 2017

Me and three friends from college decided to go to London and get primary research. We left at 7 in the morning and got into London at around 10.30 am. We first went to The Imperial War Museum, I expected this to be a lot smaller than it was. I found this so interesting, I didn’t think it would go with my research exactly but I did find some really cool things in there that I am wanting to use. We next went to Savile Row, I expected this to be smaller and neater tbh, well it only looked untidy because of the road works 😛 it was cool though walking down there :). We didn’t really want to go in anywhere because it was so high end, we just didn’t think they would let us in tbh. We did go around a couple of other shops around Lecister Square, we went to the Nickolodeon store and the M&M store, we also went and had a little look around China Town, this was so cool. I got a picture of the archway when you enter. There was also this small ice cream/waffle place that had the biggest queue, which my friend later found a video about it saying if you’re ever in London to go there, maybe next time 😂. We then went to the V&A we were going to go to the Natural History Museum but because that closed pretty soon and we were all really tired we decided to just stay at the V&A. We first went and relaxed a bit in the cafe with a nice cuppa then spent quite a lot of time having a wonder through the museum. I think we all got quite a lot from there, I know I did. We had to then catch the 9.30pm coach back home :). I think this was a very useful and eventful trip and hopefully we will be able to do it again soon xD . 


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