Leather squaresΒ 

Just spent an hour cutting out these 72 squares out of scrap leather. Can’t wait to get this dress made πŸ˜† 



Alterations to dressΒ 

So I fit the dress to my model, I did add an extra row of squares down either side just in case it didn’t fit … well it was too big so I’m having to take those rows back off πŸ˜‚ of course.. but at least I know now that if I do that that’s that garment done! Well the toile πŸ™‚

Back of dress .. disaster!Β 

So this didn’t work πŸ˜’ 

Tried to cut it out in patches and sew together .. to save time. Spent the whole college day making the patterns cutting the patterns out in calico and figuring out how to sew it then sewing it .. just for it to look absolutely awful -.- so I’m going to cut them out again and put them together with the eyelets and cord.. let’s see how this turns out 😣


Leather Armour Dress

This is the start of the toile for my armour dress. The 4 pieces with the eyelets in are interfaced to make them a bit stiffer as the fabric I will be using will be in leather. 

I got called insane for attempting this and was told I probably won’t be able to get it done so I should change it, the ideas were to do the front like this and to do the back in bigger random patchwork patches. I do like this idea but I am a bit bummed about the whole thing I thought maybe I could do it but really need to be realistic 😦 I don’t think I’ll get this done as well as everything else I’m wanting to do. 



Trying to get my research done and start my designing is so hard! I feel like I haven’t had enough time :/ it is partly my own fault I’ve been doing a lot this holiday and working as well, they’ve been long hours and more than normal because it’s the holiday :/ I have started doing work and I have made a list of things that I need to do just didn’t know I had so much! I will get it done though!!

I just need to finish putting my research in my sketchbook.


10th March 2017

Me and three friends from college decided to go to London and get primary research. We left at 7 in the morning and got into London at around 10.30 am. We first went to The Imperial War Museum, I expected this to be a lot smaller than it was. I found this so interesting, I didn’t think it would go with my research exactly but I did find some really cool things in there that I am wanting to use. We next went to Savile Row, I expected this to be smaller and neater tbh, well it only looked untidy because of the road works πŸ˜› it was cool though walking down there :). We didn’t really want to go in anywhere because it was so high end, we just didn’t think they would let us in tbh. We did go around a couple of other shops around Lecister Square, we went to the Nickolodeon store and the M&M store, we also went and had a little look around China Town, this was so cool. I got a picture of the archway when you enter. There was also this small ice cream/waffle place that had the biggest queue, which my friend later found a video about it saying if you’re ever in London to go there, maybe next time πŸ˜‚. We then went to the V&A we were going to go to the Natural History Museum but because that closed pretty soon and we were all really tired we decided to just stay at the V&A. We first went and relaxed a bit in the cafe with a nice cuppa then spent quite a lot of time having a wonder through the museum. I think we all got quite a lot from there, I know I did. We had to then catch the 9.30pm coach back home :). I think this was a very useful and eventful trip and hopefully we will be able to do it again soon xD .